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Professionals of Beard and Hair

A moment can become a memory the instant you experience it.

Christian knows it well: the memory of the moment when his father took him to the barber shop, the sensations, the smells, the noise as soon as he entered. His dream is to turn all these feelings into a profession!
Old Skull Barber Shop: a childhood memory that comes back in a modern key!

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Christian Mollo

Owner and the creator of Old Skull, he began his career at age 20. After attending 4 years of school, he worked in various stores, where he gained experience and improved his techniques.
In passion for Street-style and Rap decided in October 2018 to realize his dream and open his own store: OLD SKULL BARBER SHOP.


Alex Novati

After graduating Alex decided to follow what has always been his passion: “curing the image of the person through haircuts” he attends the Italian barber academy, begins a modern Anglo-Saxon training, after work experience in salons in Milan he joins the team of OLD SKULL BARBER SHOP.

Old Skull Barbershop